Psych, the love.

Being a psychology student, it becomes involuntary when it comes to observing and analysing people.

 I’ve completed the junior college days of my professional life and more than the academic knowledge, it has given me the comprehension in the field of ‘people’. When you’re out of school and step into the world of college, you get to comprehend a lot and by lot, I mean too much of it. I would not drag about how the cosmopolitan environment has affected my thought process! 

The varied and seasonal personalities I’ve seen in this new phase of life has been quite a revelation! I have seen people falling into each other’s arms and abusing each other within the span of 3 months! I’ve seen all the ‘bestfriend goals’ turning to an extinct goal. To the positivity, I’ve seen people who were the closest of friends since the first day and still are, to date! Fortunately, the positive one was I have! To the conclusion, it just took me few minutes to realise the fake or the real behaviour in a person because when you study psychology, as I said before, you involuntarily start analysing. And somehow, it turns out to be humourous sometimes as the person in front of you doesn’t know that you’ve completely scaled every inch of their attitude, personality and the general lookout towards life. But sometimes, it’s a bit harsh as well when you don’t want to analyse a person but you still do it anyway! 

Happened to you anyhow?


A tension of opposites.

Life is a series of pulls, back and forth. You want to do a thing but you’re bound to something else. 

You take certain things for granted even when from start, a simple traffic signal is not supposed to be credulous of.  Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn’t. Why is it always that opposites attract and similar repel? It is said that there is this force of “opposite attraction” which is said to be cool as one’s strength fills up the void of other.

What I’ve known for a long period that when you keep yourself occupied with things, you see, to not put your attention to unnecessary things. Some call it a distraction, yet a positive one. And to get yourself with an opposite action isn’t an incorrect thing to do but just to say it out simply makes things better, even for yourself and for others but I guess then, how can things get complicated? And then how can people say “That’s life”? 

Paris – C’est un rêve!

PC : Savani Mirashi. (a view from the Eiffel Tower).
PC : Savani Mirashi. (a view from the Eiffel Tower).

This blog is about the different experiences I experienced and would love to share with others! This is one of them.

As for me, I’m bit of travel person but not just to wiggle around the mountain tops but to experience the actual idea of the piece of art.

One of it and the most beautiful one was travelling to Paris. Much to agree with, Paris is an elegant yet subtle piece of art! To tell about an experience by breaking it into parts so that a person can get the same feeling of happening of the situation right at the moment is my forte! So let me tell about the part where I was standing in front of the ‘Tour de Eiffel’ having buterflies in my stomach!

Paris is one city I’ve known which a person can fall in love with at any time of the day, be it day or night because generally every city looks gorgeous at night but Paris, it looks beautiful all the day long!

Intrigued by the night beauty of Paris, we set out to watch it! The first to see was the Eiffel Tower. At exactly 11:55 pm, I was standing in front of the enliven piece of art with the ambience being so calm and pleasing to the eye! Suddenly, the jaw dropping moment came when the stars came to the earth and stuck to the metal of the art and did their usual, twinkling. Not to amplify but it did look that stars came down to earth for those heavenly 5 minutes! The Eiffel Tower twinkles every night for 5 mins grasping everyone’s breath away and make them lose their conscious for those lovely minutes!

If this is why Paris is called the city of love then yes, I fell in love with the city!

All about ARTS, you know!

School is the most interesting as well as the turning point of a person’s life. Bullshit!

     The real life is after you get out from school to experience the actual “real world”. In the small part of the life in school, yet an integral one, everyone is in the safe and secure zone spoonfed every moment. Year by year, getting promoted to th next class makes the spoon feeding decrease. It’s like an inversely proportional constant. Then, comes the 10th, final year of the school life and yet, the life’s about to start. Okay! Lets not bore with how the school life must have ended and put light on the part where it all becomes still to a point when someone asks you, “What are your plans for your future, child?” And, woah. Feels like a bang! Because everything is so blurred and unclear and at that certain stage what all is replied is nothing else than ‘I don’t know.’

Thankfully, I had people around who could guide me in this career choosing. For the information, I chose arts and my family was not that cool about it at first, definitely.’90 milke arts liya?’ This is like the most familiar sounding words as I’ve heard it from many of them. Like, what’s the problem man?! Arts gives me the field I want to opt. And please. It’s not just about teaching. ARTS IS NOT JUST ABOUT BEING A TEACHER. This perception of arts HAS to change. And, it’s not just the previous generation but also the kids of this generation. Because once, when I told a mate that I’d taken arts, he laughed! He did, actually. And for a few weeks, all I heard from him was, ‘You’re from arts, how will you know?’ A week later, he heard from someone that I’d scored a 90 in boards. And then, I loved the jaw being dropped. Because he thought that the people scoring less opt for arts.

That’s the story of my life, is it yours?

The very first one.

‘This is your very first post’


This particular is dedicated to WordPress because she reminded me of writing the very first one.

Hi guys. I’ve always had the fantasy of becoming someone who was related to the field of writing. Maybe not like best story teller, but someone who could express maximally through words. That, was the inspiration.

At first, people long for some introduction about what kind of person they are going to connect to (hopefully). As a person, not exactly a serious kind because of the loads of kid humour as well as teenage humour filled. But studying psychology to the core makes me go deep into the human mind. Well then, for that reason, being called serious is fine. I’m not exactly sure of how will an idea of a blog work out but as their is always a but, someone shouts ‘why not give it a try?’. Maybe that someone is my subconscious. Okay, this was just an introduction. So, here it ends.

I hope to find readers. Thankyou for introducing myself to you. Keep reading. (: